Share files and folders with Memopal

With Memopal you can share files and folders with your friends and with your colleagues.

If a file is already stored on your Memopal account, look it up in the web app, select it and the “Share” icon appears at the top right.

Memopal will display a window with the links that you can use for sharing. Send it to your friends and they can download the file even if they do not use Memopal. You can also share your files on Facebook and Twitter.

If the file has not yet been uploaded to your Memopal account you can share it by right- clicking the file and selecting “Share …” from the drop down menu. After uploading the file, Memopal will provide the link to share. Alternatively you can drag a file or folder on the “Share” space in the Memopal Control Panel directly in the software.

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