How to manage the account

How to Set the Frequency of Backups

Memopal is a continuous backup system. Every time you add or change a file, Memopal copies it to its servers. Memopal automatically starts when the computer starts. No user action is required. If you want to set the frequency of backups, follow these instructions: Open the software installed on your computer Click on “Settings“ Click […]

Changing the Memopal account password

To change your Memopal account password follow the instructions in to reset your password, here is a picture of what you’ll see: It is important to change the Memopal password if the computer, smartphone or tablet on which Memopal is installed is stolen or lost. If you have forgotten your username you can send an […]

Changing your Memopal account email

You need to change your Memopal account email?  It is very important that your Memopal account is associated with a valid e-mail address to keep you updated on the status of your backups. To change a Memopal Pro or Business account email simply write to Memopal may ask for additional information before processing a request […]

Check available space

You can view all the information related to your Memopal account by logging in with your username and password to the Memopal web app https : // . If Memopal is installed on your computer, open the software and click on Status . If you’re about to run out of available space, please remember that […]

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