How it works

Delete all the versions of all files with one click

Thanks to the new Manage Space feature, you can delete all the versions of all files with one click.
How it works.

Memopal Web App

Browse through your files from any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the internet as if you were on your computer with Memopal Web App. To access the web app go to login page. If you do not remember where you saved a file, the web app you can search for files in your account with the […]

Search for files on the Web App

Searching for files on the Memopal Web App is easy. Are you looking for a file you’ve saved with Memopal? No worries, the file you need is at hand. If you installed Memopal on your computer, open the Control Panel, make sure you’re in “Status” and then click “Login”, otherwise go straight to the login […]

Share files and folders with Memopal

With Memopal you can share files and folders with your friends and with your colleagues. If a file is already stored on your Memopal account, look it up in the web app, select it and the “Share” icon appears at the top right. Memopal will display a window with the links that you can use […]

View deleted files on your computer

One of the advantages of using Memopal is that you can delete files from your computer and leave them only on Memopal. This feature is very useful if you use a notebook, a tablet or a smartphone because the space is very limited and runs out quickly. If you delete a file from your device, […]

Get free space on Memopal

Do you like Memopal so much that you want to tell all your friends? We thank you by giving you up to 10GB of free space more to backup your files. Invite all your friends to Memopal, you can do this in two ways: Click “Invite” on the Memopal control panel Click “Invite a friend!” […]

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