Search for files on the Web App

Searching for files on the Memopal Web App is easy. Are you looking for a file you’ve saved with Memopal? No worries, the file you need is at hand.

If you installed Memopal on your computer, open the Control Panel, make sure you’re in “Status” and then click “Login”, otherwise go straight to the login page.

It opens your Memopal Web App where you can find all your files protected with Memopal.

You have an internal search engine that lets you find the files you need in various ways, so even if you do not remember the file name, you can easily find it.


  • enter the name of the searched file
  • try with the directory name
  • search based on file extension, eg .doc .xls .jpg .png
  • check the “recent” tab if it is a file on which you were working
  • you can browse through the directories as if you were on your computer, in the “backup” tab

did you find the file you were looking for? If you need support, write to

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