Installation and activation

How to download Memopal

Download the latest version of Memopal from official website. Follow these instructions on how to download Memopal. Memopal is compatible with most operating systems: Microsoft Windows 8.1 and earlier, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003/2008. Macintosh OS X. Debian 6, CentOS 6 e Ubuntu 12. Download the free app for iPhone, iPhone […]

How to install Memopal on Windows

Do you want to install Memopal on Windows? Follow these instructions. Before installing Memopal make sure you’ve downloaded the software. If you have not already done so, read how to download Memopal. Have you downloaded Memopal? Great. Now double click on the file. The installation window opens. Choose the language you want to use to follow […]

What to do after installing Memopal

Congrats, you have installed Memopal! And now? In addition to backing up your files, you can take advantage of the many other features that Memopal offers. After installing Mempoal, a square blue, yellow and green icon appears in the task bar. Click on the Memopal cube to open the Control Panel. Now you can: Check […]

How to activate Memopal on Windows

Follow this short guide to activate an account on Memopal. Once the installation is complete, (if you have not already done so read the post on How to install Memopal Backup in Windows) Memopal brings you directly to the account activation screen. First choose the language you prefer for your backup. 17 languages are available […]

Install Memopal on multiple computers

Is your dream to have files from all your computers in one place? Find out how to install Memopal on multiple computers. This way all your computers are safe and finding the file you need today is easy. Follow these instructions: Download Memopal from During installation choose option: “Login” Enter your email address and Memopal […]

What happens if the internet connection is interrupted

If for any reason your internet connection to your computer is interrupted, even Memopal stops backing up files. Memopal needs an internet connection in order to back up your files. Memopal remembers the progress of the backup the last time it was run, when the internet connection is restored, the backup resumes from where it […]

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