We're the only cloud storage provider to have developed the entire stack.

Using open source components, our development team has created the entire proprietary architecture, allowing Memopal to offer a fast and secure cloud storage system at a competitive market price.

Choosing Memopal as your cloud storage provider means you won’t need to buy any other services.

MGFS: a proprietary File System with a capacity of 100 million Terabytes

At the heart of Memopal is MGFS (Memopal Global File System), a virtualized and distributed file system.

MGFS' checksum-based structure, with its cross-file compression algorithm based on specialized vocabulary, natively supports de-duplication, allowing you to perform fast and secure file transfers.

MGFS features

  • Up to 100 million Terabytes
  • Up to 1015 files
  • Transparent read-write compression
  • Transparent encryption
  • Native indexing
  • Hot-add scalability
  • Native hardware health monitoring

Geographically distributed storage

Our storage servers use RAID 5 technology, and can be distributed according to the needs of customers in different data centers and a variety of geographical areas. Through MGFS, geographical division is transparent for all applications and protocols implemented.

Web app

Memopal's web interface supports resolutions for all devices, from mobile phones to tablets and modern Retina displays. With a continuous websocket connection, the interface is updated on changes in user files by asynchronous data transmissions; all changes to the file system are implemented in real-time, anywhere in the world users may log on from.

Desktop client and mobile app

us to create applications for any operating system and device, including routers and NAS.

Quickly implementing any interface or protocol, from mobile applications to WebDAV, is as simple as allowing users to access their backup.

REST APIs for integrating any application

A complete set of APIs allows users to interface with the File System and perform all operations for managing a remote disk, with the benefit of reorganizing the data, indexed searches, and the computing power of the cloud.

Each operation is parallelized and completed in a fraction of a second - that's several orders of magnitude faster than any file system.


Memopal is the result of 10 years of work of a dedicated team, which sought to meet the cloud storage needs of its users and of some of the most innovative companies in the world.


Your data are safe in our data center. All data are encrypted and only you can access them.


MGFS has been designed to have a low cost per GB, so that it is easier and cheaper to buy more space on Memopal rather than free up space on your computer by physically deleting other files.

Start using Memopal and receive 3 GB for free