How it works

Memopal supports Turbo Upload

Memopal supports file Turbo Upload. Do you want to know how it works? Memopal generates bit patterns encrypting random parts of user files. If the bit pattern is recognized by the server, Memopal shares it making sequence transfer no longer necessary. This shared bit procedure allows us to speed up the transfer of all system […]

Time required for the first backup

The most important files are protected a few minutes after installation. Memopal uses an algorithm based on the file type and how frequently it is used by the user to figure out which files are most important. This order dynamically changes according to computer use. More generally, the time needed to back up your files […]

How much time does Memopal take to upload files

The first backup of a complete operating system may take up to a week. After a few minutes of installation, however, the most important files will be protected. Memopal uses an algorithm based on the file type and how frequently it is used to figure out which files are most important and sort them. This […]

How to backup network folders

With Memopal you can backup network folders. We thought that a video can be the easiest way to explain how to backup network folders, alternatively read the instructions below. Windows Open Windows Explorer and type in the address bar the path to reach the network folder. Right click on the network folder, and then click […]

Delete files and folders from online backup

You can delete files and folders from online backup. This lets you free up space on your account. To delete a file or folder, search the web app as you would if you were searching for information on Google: Once you locate the file you want to delete, select it and click “Delete” at […]

Compatibility with corporate servers

Memopal is compatible with most corporate servers, Windows and Macintosh, and all Linux distributions. We can install and configure the software on any machine. Memopal supports over 95% of commercial and open source proxies. Support is free for integration with the remaining 5% of proxies. Memopal is a simple and secure business solution which protects […]

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