How it works

Memopal and corporate or private network speed

Memopal dynamically uses the Internet connection so as not to slow down users. However, you are free to change backup speed in the advanced settings. Open Memopal Go to Settings and click Advanced: Set backup speed by moving the cursor from left slow to right fast.

Memopal does not slow your computer

Memopal has been designed to always give the user priority. It dynamically uses computer resources to prevent it from slowing down. If you notice your computer slowing after you install Memopal, report it by opening a ticket and stating your operating system and some of your computer’s features like processor and RAM. We are happy […]

Which files does it protect?

Memopal protects any type of file.  For example, with Memopal you can protect your entire “My Documents” folder on your computer to ensure that your photos, videos and music are safe. You can add and remove folders whenever you want from the backup set. Here’s how: Open the Memopal control panel Click “Settings” Click “Custom”Add […]

Maximum file size for upload

The maximum file size for automatic upload is 10GB. Software skips files larger than 500MB by default. You can change this value to up to 10000MB, here’s how. Open the Memopal software on your computer, click “Settings” and then “Advanced” at the bottom left. Under “Size” enter 10000 which is the maximum allowed. If you need […]

Backup Outlook files

Memopal backs up email, even in Outlook. Due to how Outlook handles its files, backup is not continuous but about once a week.

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