How does Memopal work

Here’s an example of how Memopal works. You are at your best friend’s house and you want to show him the latest pictures of your trip to Paris. You took them with your new camera and you do not have it with you now. But everything is on Memopal . Grab your smartphone, go to your Memopal space and show them to him. You do not have your computer with you but it is as if you did because the files protected with Memopal are always available at any time. You can find a copy of the files that are on your computer on your Memopal space.

Download Memopal, the web site will suggest the correct version for your operating system. Install the software on your computer. Select the folders you want to protect by setting your backup set and go! Rest assured, all files are safe on Memopal.

File transfer is continuous and does not require user intervention. Memopal keeps track of every change made to a file and saves all file versions. Pro users can choose how many versions to save of a single file. Files are saved on Memopal servers and protected with the highest security standards.

Memopal is cross platform and compatible with any device connected to the internet. The files and folders protected with Memopal can be accessed through web app and dedicated applications for iOS and Android.

Start using Memopal and receive 3 GB for free