Discover Memopal Business
The cloud solution designed for IT Administrators
Buy space and create accounts for your colleagues

A panel to create and manage accounts for your colleagues

Backup + Sync

A backup copy of all your files and folders; synchronized and shared with family, work colleagues and friends

Admin panel

An administrator panel for control of all your accounts or those of your clients

Dedicated support

If you need assistance, your contact person will guide you to the best solution in the shortest possible time

Choose Memopal as your technology provider

We are the only cloud storage provider to have developed the entire stack

Hardware Design

Our hardware has been engineered to ensure the best storage performance in terms of security, reliability and scalability.

Memopal Data Centre

All files are stored in data centres operated directly by Memopal. Choose Memopal and forget about other vendors.

Proprietary file system

Over the six years in business, we have developed and perfected the Memopal Global File System (MGFS), our proprietary backup system.

​​Customize with your brand software and web app

With an additional cost of € 100 per month you'll have all these benefits:

  • Software: Windows, Mac, Linux with your brand
  • Web apps with domain to have your business files with you, wherever you are
  • Admin panel to manage all your accounts and your space
  • Dedicated second-level support

Start using Memopal Business now

Buy the space you need and create accounts for your colleagues


Shared (up to 3 users)



  • Software: Windows, Mac, Linux marked with your logo
  • Web application with domain
  • Second level support

€ 129/ year about € 11 / per month
(recurring payment)
VAT included