Losing data on my computer

"Losing data on your computer or any other data storage device can be extremely difficult to deal with and in some cases can even be financially harmful. During the last semester of my senior year at university, I personally had a horrible experience with accidental data loss. I was required to write a 15-page essay on international politics and democratic governance as my final assignment, which would count as 45% of my entire grade in the class. Well, two days before the due date and towards the very end of my essay, when I was just about ready to complete it, I made a very stupid mistake. My laptop had been powered on for weeks with occasional hibernation periods for cooling. I was not saving my work since I was not shutting down my computer, and I had not once saved my word document containing my final essay. Well, I finally decided to actually save my document and as I clicked on the little X and the message for saving appeared, I was so tired that I actually didn't even see that I clicked on the NO button which means No, I do not wish to save. I clicked NO instead of YES when prompted to save, and as my entire 14-page essay disappeared, I felt like I was going to die! I couldn't believe what I had done, and couldn't believe my whole document was gone. A stupid but simple mistake ruined everything all of a sudden. Since then, I have been very careful not to click the X button and wait to be prompted to save, but rather to use the File Menu to select the save button, and spend the 10 extra seconds on all of this to ensure my document is safe!"

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