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"Last summer I was on holidays in Croatia travelling along the Adriatic coast. The views were so spectacular that the memory card in my camera soon became full. I didn't have a laptop nor picture bank, so in the first internet cafe I spotted I tried to upload the pictures to Flickr. I copied the pictures from memory card to the PC, logged to Flickr, hit 'upload' and stepped outside to take some pictures of a beautiful village.

Of course, before that I had to format the memory card. After taking a few shots I came back to check progress of the upload. I couldn't believe it - the PC was smoking! Seconds later flames bursted from its backside. Owner of that internet cafe instinctively poured a bucket of water all over it. Afterwards he dismounted the hard drive and tried to connect it to another PC, but it was completely dead - either from heat or short circuit. All my potentially award-winning pictures were gone.

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